high disk usage fix

100 disk usage problem in Windows 10 is very common in both insider preview and normal release, and it can be very frustating because it will slow down your PC to a crawl causing applications to stop responding. Often times the only solution to make it start responding again is a cold reboot.
Here is a simple and easy fix to get rid of 100% disk utilization in Windows 10 .

1: Click the START button and open settings menu.

fix windows disk usag

2: Next click the “System” option to open system settings.

100% disk usage solution

3: Click the “Notifications & actions” option.

high disk usage

4: In the “Notifications & actions” menu , turn all the notifications settings to off by moving all the slider controls to the left and close the settings menu.

high disk usage fix


That’s it ! Your disk usage should immediately drop to 0% and all your application should now be a lot faster than they were before.