custom binary blocked by frp lock

Seeing “Custom binary blocked by FRP lock” on your screen when your turn on your phone ? Nothing to worry about . You can easily fix this in less than 5 minutes. This error is most of the time caused by installing custom recovery like TWRP or CWM etc.

Depending on why you are trying to install a custom recovery on your phone this can be fixed in multiple ways.

Custom binary blocked by FRP Lock solution:

You can get rid of this error by re-flashing stock recovery on your phone and then rebooting. This can be done either by flashing stock rom or just flushing the stock recovery only.

If you are trying to root your phone and need to install custom recovery you might get the “Custom binary blocked by FRP lock” error you have FRP lock enabled . This can be fixed first reinstalling the stock recovery and then enabling the “Allow OEM unlock” option from developer settings.

oem unlock

Once you have enabled the OEM unlock option you can flash whatever custom recovery you want. Beware that installing custom recovery or rom might void your warranty.