Taking a screenshot in Windows 10:

Here are four methods describing how to Screenshot on pc.

Full-screen screenshot in Windows:

In windows 10 you can simply take a full screen shot by pressing Win+PrtSc Or fn + Win+PrtSc

Note: It may depend on the how the pc was configured before.
The screenshot will be saved in the “screenshot” named folder inside your picture library.

Screenshot of partial screen in Windows:

1. You can also press PrtSc or fn+PrtSc key simultaneously on your keyboard which only copies the screenshot that you captured in the clipboard. You can paste it in your documents and also paste in MS Paint to save them.


2. You can also take the screenshot of only the active window by pressing Alt+PrtSc or Alt+Fn+PrtSc which is also copied to clipboard, and can be saved similar to the previous method.

3. If you don’t like Windows 10’s own screenshot feature you can also use third party app for better screenshot features such as  Gyazo and Lightshot etc.

Taking a screenshot on Mac

Capturing a screenshot of entire screen on Mac

  1. To capture a screenshot of your entire screen on  a Mac press Shift + Command (⌘) + 3.
  2. The screenshot fill be automatically saved on your  desktop as a .png file .

Taking a screenshot on Android

On most Android phones you can take a screenshot by pressing the power and volume down button and the same time. A notification will appear in you notification area, from where you can either save the screen shot to your gallery, or send it to another app.

On some Android devices the screenshot option can be found the power menu, which can be accessed by long pressing the power button, and then selecting the screenshot option.

Taking a screenshot on iPhone and iPad

iPhones with home button

To take a screenshot on an iOS device with a hardware home button like iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 etc press and hold the power button and home button  at the same time.The screenshot will be automatically saved to the gallery.

iPhones without home button

On newer iOS devices like iPhone X you can take a screenshot by pressing the power button and volume up button at the same time.The screenshot will be saved to the gallery.